Vend & Takealot Marketplace

Vend/Lightspeed POS and Takealot Marketplace - a match made in heaven.

Vend & Takealot Marketplace

Why Vend?

Running a successful eCommerce store is a busy trade that can be incredibly time consuming. Cloud based POS systems like Vend make it possible for eCommerce owners to streamline operations and spend more time on the fun parts of doing business.

Vend Integrations

Vend has built in integrations with leading eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Ecwid and more. It enables you to sync inventory in real-time across multiple physical locations and systems. As a point of sale system Vend offers hands on cash management from sales to refunds and discounts and as a bonus it even works offline which is a massive win considering our current loadshedding-situation 💡
Considering the above, wouldn’t it be great if Vend could also talk to your online marketplaces? Takealot, BidorBuy, Leroy Merlin… just to name a few.
Vend can basically do it all but with no built in integration for South-African marketplaces how do we get them talking to each other? The answer is Wherehouse 😉  (humble brag)
Our integration service gets you synced across many platforms & marketplaces 🚀  At our core, we are flexible to customise our integration to your specific business processes. Takealot Marketplace & Vend is a match made in heaven. When integrating your Vend with Takealot via Wherehouse the register option on Vend enables you to create a separate register for Takealot DC orders and specifically track those stock levels and sales while keeping your other platforms & physical store stock in mind for Lead Time stock values 🤯 
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What we sync:

  • Your stock on hand from a specific outlet (with adjustment rules 😉)
  • Pricing - Recommended retail price and selling price
  • Sales from Takealot to Vend
  • Returns from Takealot to Vend

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