Which are the biggest categories on Takealot Marketplace?

Uncover the biggest categories on Takealot Marketplace.

Which are the biggest categories on Takealot Marketplace?
Are you eyeing a spot on the prestigious shelves of Takealot Marketplace? As a South African eCommerce seller, making your mark on this thriving platform can be a game-changer. But how do you decide which categories to explore or expand into? That's where our expertise at Wherehouse comes in. We've delved into the data to bring you an exclusive look at the product distribution per category on Takealot Marketplace. Join us in this adventure to find out which categories are sizzling, which ones are simmering, and where you can carve your niche as a Takealot seller.

Distribution of Products per Category

Here is a visual breakdown of the distribution of products per category on Takealot Marketplace, showcasing the percentages each category holds. As you can see, some categories dominate the marketplace, while others hold smaller shares. Understanding these percentages can be instrumental in tailoring your offerings and targeting the right audience.
Remember! These percentages simply show which categories have the most products, i.e. you could very well find a profitable niche within one of the less dense categories.
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  1. Home & Kitchen 🏠  (21.2%): South African shoppers love to enhance their living spaces. From stylish decor to essential kitchen appliances, the Home & Kitchen category tops the charts. It's no surprise that this is where a significant chunk of sellers are competing to meet customers' needs. These items are easy to ship for sellers and easy to fit into the budget for buyers.
  1. Garden, Pool & Patio 🌿 (18.5%): With South Africa's beautiful climate, outdoor living is a way of life. From lush gardens to inviting poolside areas, this category boasts an impressive variety of products. Sellers offering garden and outdoor solutions are in high demand.
  1. Fashion 🧥 (9.4%): Style is a statement, and South Africans take it seriously. Clothing, shoes, and accessories are making a significant impact in the world of online retail. If you're into fashion, there's ample opportunity to shine.
  1. Computers & Tablets 💻 (7.3%): In today's digital age, technology is a necessity. Computers and tablets find a prominent place on the marketplace, showing the importance of staying connected and productive. While the actual tech items may be expensive to stock, accessories for them might be a viable niche to explore.
  1. Office & Stationery 🖇️ (6.7%): The work-from-home trend has fuelled the demand for office and stationery products. From ergonomic chairs to stationery essentials, this category is thriving.
  1. Toys 🧸 (5.4%): Kids will always be kids, and parents love to indulge them with toys. The Toys category is a hit with South African shoppers, making it a playful opportunity for sellers.
  1. Cellphones & Wearables 📱 (4.9%): In the age of connectivity, this category is a hot favourite. Cellphones, smartwatches, and wearable tech hold 4.9% of the total product range, reflecting the ever-evolving technology landscape.
  1. Beauty 💄 (4.8%): Look good, feel good! The Beauty category is where skincare, makeup, and grooming products take the stage. Sellers in this category can help customers feel fabulous.
  1. Books 📚 (3.7%): Reading never goes out of style. Books are a source of knowledge and entertainment. If you're a book lover, consider offering an extensive collection to meet the demand. Most sellers sell these as lead time items due to the wide selection and fluctuating demand for specific titles.
  1. Health 💊 (3.5%): Health and wellness have become central themes in people's lives. Products related to health and self-care are steadily gaining popularity among shoppers.
  1. Baby & Toddler 🍼 (2.8%): Parents are always on the lookout for quality products for their little ones. The Baby & Toddler category caters to the needs of parents with a wide array of baby products.
  1. Sport ⚽️ (2.4%): Active living is a lifestyle choice for many South Africans. Sports equipment, clothing, and accessories are seeing strong demand.
  1. Camping & Outdoors 🏕️ (2.2%): South Africa's natural beauty beckons adventurers. Camping and outdoor gear are essential for those who love exploring the great outdoors.
  1. Luggage & Travel 🧳 (1.3%): As travel resumes, luggage and travel accessories are regaining popularity. This category is perfect for those who want to cater to wanderlust.
  1. Pets 🐶 (1.3%): Pets are family, and pet owners are always in search of quality products for their furry companions. This category is purr-fect for animal lovers.
  1. TV, Audio & Video 🔈 (1.2%): Entertainment is a vital part of life. TVs, audio equipment, and video accessories are making waves in the marketplace.
  1. Cameras 📷 (1.2%): Photography enthusiasts have a keen eye for quality cameras and accessories. This category allows sellers to capture the market's imagination.
  1. Gaming 🎮 (1%): Gamers unite! The Gaming category is where gaming consoles, accessories, and games create a virtual haven for gaming enthusiasts.
  1. Music 🎤 (0.8%): Music is a universal language. From instruments to audio equipment, the Music category appeals to those with a passion for melodies.
  1. Movies & Series 🎬 (0.4%): For cinephiles and binge-watchers, the Movies & Series category offers a world of entertainment right at their fingertips.

A Deeper Dive into Top Categories

Now, let's delve deeper into Takealot Marketplace's top six dominating categories by highlighting best-selling products within each.
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1️⃣ Home & Kitchen
The Home & Kitchen category showcases an array of essentials and trendy items. From the ever-popular Ombre Water Bottle to practical Vacuum Bags for storage and Solar-powered or chargeable lighting for loadshedding solutions, this category covers both style and functionality. The inclusion of versatile utensil sets, cookware (both stainless steel and cast iron), and comfy pillows indicates a focus on enhancing everyday living experiences.
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2️⃣ Garden, Pool & Patio
Garden, Pool & Patio offers a glimpse into leisure and outdoor living. Tool sets like socket sets, pool cleaning equipment, and outdoor chairs are among the best sellers of this category. These products cater to those eager to maintain their outdoor spaces and create cozy, inviting environments for relaxation and gatherings.
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3️⃣ Fashion
In the realm of fashion, sneakers, vellies and jeans take center stage. These wardrobe staples cater to diverse style preferences while reflecting the enduring appeal of comfortable, versatile clothing choices.
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4️⃣ Computers & Tablets
In an increasingly digital world, Computers & Tablets are pivotal. Laptops, charging cables, and decorative backlights exhibit a blend of functionality and personalisation. Here are some of the top picks:
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5️⃣ Office & Stationery
Office & Stationery items remain fundamental in professional and academic settings. Pens, highlighters, erasers, crayons, and paper form the backbone of this category’s top-sellers, catering to the organisational and creative needs of students, professionals, and artists alike.
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6️⃣ Toys
The Toys category brings forth a world of imagination and education. From classic wooden toys like xylophones and building blocks to modern interactive gadgets like the children’s educational interactive learning tablet and the singing soft toy, this category balances traditional play with innovative learning tools. Take a look at what's topping the charts:
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These top-selling products not only define the essence of their respective categories but also reflect the diverse preferences and needs of shoppers on Takealot Marketplace.

Final Thoughts

The top Takealot product categories in 2023 present unparalleled opportunities for sellers. From House and Garden essentials to cutting-edge Electronics and Fashion statements, these categories not only reflect high demand but also boast a diverse range of products ripe for profitable exploration.
Whether you're gearing up to launch on Takealot or seeking to expand your reach across multiple South African marketplaces, Wherehouse is here to help you make the most of your eCommerce experience.
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Wondering how we got this data? Curating this insightful overview involved a meticulous process of data analysis. At Wherehouse, we're committed to empowering sellers with accurate, actionable information. To compile this comprehensive breakdown, we utilised advanced programming techniques to systematically navigate through Takealot Marketplace's various categories. Our sophisticated algorithms combed through the extensive product listings, assessing quantities and categories with precision. This programmatic approach enabled us to gather real-time data on the distribution of products across categories, providing an accurate snapshot of the marketplace landscape. Through this method, we ensured an objective and thorough examination of the products available on Takealot, offering sellers and aspiring entrepreneurs valuable insights into the platform's dynamics. ✅ None of our customer data was used to calculate these statistics, only public product listings on takealot.com.
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